Web 2.0 we are the providers, that what the big deal is

Our lecture ‘What’s the big deal about Web 2.0?’ spoke about the movement from web 1.0 to web 2.0, stating some of the changes, first things first I really liked the image at the start of the blog I thought it represented web 2.0 well and was pretty cool.

Web 1.0 and web 2.0 are just names to distinguish the two and that they are different. Mosaic was the start of this as they created the first graphical web browser capable of showing more than just plain text you could access document and data using FTP (File Transfer Protocol it is a network protocol used to transfer data from one computer to another through a network) for the first time. It could display HTML (text, anchors, images etc). It even supported several video formats. This was a huge step forward the internet was now going to become more of a public thing rather than just a company related thing. And why? because we were now all involved we can upload, download, share, talk, see and speak before web 2.0 you couldn’t do most of these things we are the main difference about web 2.0 as we provide information to post online.

We took a look at ‘Key Differences’ taken From Darren Barefoot’s blog which speaks about the main differences from web 1.0 and web 2.0 and there big I liked the way it was set out for example:

1) Web 1.0 was about reading, Web 2.0 is about writing. 4) Web 1.0 was about HTML, Web 2.0 is about XML

HTML was the old way of writing web pages and XML is the new way, we use XHTML when we create our web pages as its a mix of both as we are beginners with web design.

We also took a look at the video: Blogs in plain English this was an interesting video I enjoyed it, it not only talked about what Blogs are and how to use them but also how we create the news and that ‘we are now the Media’ I thought it was well made and informative like the lecture.


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